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Aggiornamento: 6 apr 2020

Soundtrack: Ras G - Juju (Day & Night Ep-2010-Poobah Records)

Hi all and welcome for the first time on my personal blog...

As you can see from the title, this is my personal blog and I will try to update it as an onboard diary. Once a month, twice a day, whenever my mind tell me to write something, i will share with you suggestions, thoughts, tips, personal ideas, quotes and whatever represent my mindset. This is a journey called life and it’s not possible for me passing through it without a daily soundtrack. So with every post i will suggest and link also a song as the soundtrack of the reading. I have no claims with this blog but just explain a part of myself according to my feelings and thoughts. I hope you all appreciate it and i invites you to give me feedback and opinion anytime you feel comfortable to do it. All the best, F. #fahBlog


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