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REELight - Beatskillz

Aggiornamento: 6 apr 2020

Soundtrack: Rapsody - Cleo (Jamla Records LLC, under exclusive license to Roc Nation) —

Hi guys, welcome again with another episode on my irregular column #fahBlog on my personal website

I would like to suggest a great plug in for all the producers in love with tape distortion and saturation. The product that I’m gonna review today is REELight, from Beatskillz Software company, a plug in developed for all the modern producers DAW based.

Beatskillz is an audio software company making cutting edge processing plugins and virtual instruments for the modern music producer, owned and headed by Award Winning Composer & Music Producer, Gaurav Dayal ( REELight is a very interesting product to make dirty and heavy compressed sounds created using Beatskillz own proprietary RTT technology already used for the Valvesque (aka one of the best valve distortion plug in emulator.) From the first use it appears so simple and easy thanks to the great user-interface design; so beautiful so useful.

I used REELight for smooth synth, i wanted use it to dirty and compress some guitars, and i tried it an a master bus chain to add fatness and brightness to the mix. I love the reliability of the tape emulation for everykind of application in the mix but REELight is so damn amazing on the drums and snares too.

It’s possible to push saturation so hard on the slapping snares, or it’s possible use it on the drums channel bus giving some “breathe” by the air control knob.

Moreover the noise control knob is so realistic to let you dirty every sounds without compromising the tonal performance.

Last but not least, REELight gives you full control of the low frequencies thanks to low cut on/off button and low boost knob.

In conclusion, REELight is strictly recommended for all the dirty sounds lovers, vintage vibes and slapping smooth snares.

All the best, F.


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