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Rubaddrum v1- Westfinga Engineering

Aggiornamento: 6 apr 2020

Soundtrack: The Aggrovators - Drums of Africa (VP Music Group) — Hi guys, welcome again with another episode on my irregular column #fahblog on my personal website There is nothing better and useful to refresh our mind from the hot and the humidity of the summer than talk about caribbean rhythm and melodies, as suggested by our soundtrack. Today i’m gonna talk about a reggae plug-in, an amazing product developed and marketed by WestFinga Engineering called Rubaddrum v1. ( Westfinga isn’t a corporation, isn’t neither a company, but Westfinga is a man’s passion. He is a great sound designer, a reggae lover and furthermore he’s an audio expert. At the first sight and listen, i can catch the high quality of sample and the easy user-friendly interface. I cannot stop to use my fingers as a drum; it seems like to be in a recording studio with pro drummers like Sly Dunbar or Carlton Barret. Very interesting is the mapping of trigger keyboard within it’s possible to create and record deep, original roots drum patterns.Another useful pro, it’s the articolation and fill , characteristics of the reggae dub music genre, of the Snares, hi Hat and Timbales sample.

Westfinga did a great job in the sample choices, and developing a reliable and trustworthy software that never crashes into the DAW. In conclusion, from an audio lover (me) to audio expert (Westfinga), true respect to Westfinga for this Rubaddrum v1 developed as an independent audio specialist.

Designed and Concived for all reggae/dub lovers, Rubaddrum covers the market gap for the reggae software. An interesting plug-in strictly suggested for ll the producers and reggae/dub lovers, looking for “real” drums with an high “human playing feeling” so damn missing in a lot of DAW based music releases.

All the best, F.


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