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Nyabinghi 7“ Roots Reggae Tune

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Live up Right

€ 12,00Prezzo
  • Live Up Right is the title of the new song produced by Fahbro (Psalm Collective) with a prestigious featuring that bears the name of Ishmel McAnuff, son of the legendary Winston McAnuff.

    The Roots-Reggae sounds, which have long been representative in Psalm Collective productions, are emphasized by a production that makes use of the talent of the Roots Chefs Band, a name behind which lies a host of musicians that Fahbro uses from time to time for instrumentals.  In ‘Live Up Right’ there are: Meekman Drums (Percussion), Davide Luzi (Bass), Sy Sao (Melodica), Jake Sarli (Guitar), Armin (Flute), an international collective with proven experience and productivity.

  • Estimated International Shipping  Cost: 7€

    Estimated Italian Shipping Cost: 5€

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